Technology Tree Monthly Update - October 2018

October has brought big changes to the Apple operating systems and it is also time to apply the latest monthly Microsoft Security Patches to your desktops. The desktops should already have their patches downloaded and applied over the last few days. Please remember to shutdown/restart your PC when you leave the office this week in order for all patches to be applied.  

For those unsure on how to update: allow yourself at least 10 – 15 minutes to fully shutdown and restart your system. This ensures patches are applied, this can also address (and solve) some problems you may be having with your system. You can also manually check by following steps that can be found here.  

Windows 10 Latest Version: As some of you may be aware, Windows latest release (Windows 10 1809) was pulled due to issues identified in various circumstances of deployment. As many of you are managed under Microsoft 365, your PC will have already been updated. Let us know in the first instance if you are having any issues since the update was applied last week. If you are unsure if your PC has been updated, please follow this link to find out what operating system you are currently using.  

Other Windows Updates: For all OneDrive for Business users connected to Microsoft 365, you can now sync your desktop, documents and pictures using OneDrive - take a look here for more information. If you don’t have the option to sync this feature, it is possible you already have it, so follow this link to find the latest version. Have a look here to find out about more exciting Microsoft updates.  

For our Apple users, the OS Mojave update brings some pretty exciting features to promote efficiency, keep you organised and ensure your data is secure. Your OS update is easy to locate in your Mac (find out how to update right here) and the whole download/installation process could take up to an hour and a half depending on Internet speed. Some handy new features include Dark Mode, a dramatic new look that helps you to focus on your work by having toolbars and menus fade into the background, with your content centre stage. The Stacks feature keeps your desktop free of clutter by automatically organising your files into related groups and the new and improved Finder tool allows you to locate files by how they look. Find more information here. Also, to find out which operating system you are currently using, look here. For those of you that are managed by us using JAMF, this update will be targeted at you, however don’t let that stop you from updating manually as it is still supported and reported on in the JAMF Cloud. 

iOS 12 for iPad and iPhone was released mid-September, so you might already have updated, and are taking advantage of the important new features such as Screen Time, keeping you in the know of just how long you’re spending on your phone, and for what purpose. iOS 12 is a smaller update and once downloaded, can take up to 15 minutes to install - again depending on your internet speeds. The update can be found in Settings > General > Software Update and follow prompts from there. To find out more about iOS 12, take a look here. Again, this update is targeted for those managed by JAMF, but feel free to update manually as it is still supported and reported on in the JAMF Cloud.  

All other Apple update information can be found here

Feel free to contact us at the office on 08 6161 7113 or email the team at for any issues you might find. Alternatively, if you want us to discuss your current support or IT Roadmap please give us a call, we are only too happy to help.

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