Our Services


From office fit-outs to website design, to getting your business up in the Cloud, we offer a wide array of services. Take an in-depth look at some of the services we can provide, and don’t forget to look further into our Apple & Microsoft services! We are not limited to just these services so please get in contact for any further information you might need.



Here at Technology Tree we are experts in creating beautiful websites. We identify the most suitable design for your business and work closely with you to tailor the site to appeal to your customers and meet your specific needs. We provide a full website service covering domain name registration, DNS configuration and secure web hosting. We also offer content management to ensure your website is up-to-date, easy to navigate and relevant to your target audience. We also use our E-commerce expertise to help monetise your online presence. We help improve ecommerce practices for both business-to-business, and business-to-consumer e-commerce relationships, making your business prominent and easily accessible. We can bring your business closer to your customers by providing search engine optimisation, an online store and social media and email marketing. We analyse the day to day activity of your website to provide a better user experience and improved sales.


We use our extensive business knowledge and technical expertise to guide clients through every stage of an IT project. Through client communication and analysis of their current IT status, we gain a thorough understanding of each client’s business. We run a comprehensive Computer and Network Review in order to determine which areas are most critical to your business. We then plan out an IT road map for the short, medium and long term, providing solutions using the latest technology, hardware and software. We co-ordinate people, time and resources to make sure projects meet requirements and are completed on time and within budget, providing a complete end-to-end service to the client. Not yet a client, and just want to know where your IT systems are at? We can review all your IT related hardware, systems and programs to ensure you are running as smoothly as possible.




We provide business solutions to many areas of our clients' IT infrastructure by with the help of cloud technology. Whether you use the cloud for data storage, email, data backup, or scheduling, we can help you find the right tools for the job. Cloud services not only provide a less expensive option but increase your ability to access data online in a secure environment. We use Microsoft Office 365 with a large number of our clients, combining all the latest online versions of Microsoft Office with a wide range of business tools such as OneDrive, Sharepoint and Tasks. Naturally, with the increase in cloud services, and with your data and servers hosted in the cloud, your network traffic will undoubtedly increase. Technology Tree will ensure that your work force can access your network both from your office and remotely easily and securely. We provide an overall Cloud Management solution by using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Windows Azure, Secure Wireless, Cloud Security using Trend Micro and Cloud Mobile Device Management (MDM) for iPads and Microsoft Surface. 



We offer business grade internet and voice services to save you expensive phone costs and simplify your communication network. VoIP (Voice over IP) allows you to make phone calls using your Internet connection. Therefore, using VoIP and internet telephone, we will not only save you on the cost of traditional landlines but greatly reduce call fees charged by standard telephone services. Furthermore, we can fully integrate your smartphone with your business telephone system. VoIP also ensures the advantage of phone portability. Any successful business must have a fast and reliable internet connection. With Technology Tree, you can rely on our business grade internet connection to give piece of mind to your staff and your business.


We have a specialist team of technicians who provide a more traditional range of IT services. We can assist with standard IT Support and Administration queries by way of helpdesk support and provide monthly patch maintenance and monitoring to keep your network running smoothly. Technology Tree offers a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) Deployment for both Apple and Microsoft Windows and any associated software and deliver hardware procurement services to ensure we source the most suitable products for your business. Monitoring and maintaining a complete product database of all your current IT assets and their warranty details is essential. Technology Tree can compile and manage an Asset Inventory to give you a full overview of your current IT status.


Technology Tree is widely experienced in network development. We have a Network Engineer responsible for planning, implementing and maintaining computer networks and communications systems. Our Engineer is also responsible for security, data storage and disaster recovery strategies and provides technical support both onsite and remotely for businesses of all sizes. Whereas our Network Architect designs and develops data communication networks. Whether it is a Local Area Network (LAN), a Wide Area Network (WAN) or an intranet, we can provide specialist network knowledge on-site or remotely. We aim to make your network secure, provide adequate data storage and develop disaster recovery strategies to keep your network running.