Company Background

Information Technology is forever changing.  It’s a minefield of updates, patches and improvements to hardware which means IT Professionals need to be on top of their game in order to provide a superior service that doesn’t keep costing you. At Technology Tree our commitment to staying up to date on everything IT related is easy, because we have a genuine passion for what we do. 

Established in Perth, Western Australia in 2003, Technology Tree was born from a dedication to providing IT that made sense, and was affordable for not just medium sized organisations, but smaller businesses that operated from home. Based on customer referrals, we do just about anything our clients need to get their network up and running, and keep it running.  

We currently support businesses within the corporate, educational, medical, architectural and development markets as well as many home based business users. We look at using the latest technology to provide full end to end support of your IT network using infrastructure that suits your needs and budget. We get to know your business, current systems and plans for the future to develop an IT roadmap to get your business to its ultimate destination.

Some of the vendors and partners we work with include but are not limited to: Microsoft, Apple, Trend Micro, Vmware, Shopify, Squarespace, Veeam, Aerohive, JAMF, Cisco, Vocus Fibre and Voice and Data, Nitro PDF, Dropbox, HP, Skykick, Dropbox, Teamviewer and Dell.

Check out our site for more information about the services we can provide, or call us to have a chat, and let us keep your network running.


Our Team


IT Consultant

Our IT Consultants provide technical expertise to our clients at every stage of an IT project. The main role is to develop and implement IT systems by gaining a complete understanding of the client’s business and requirements and then formulating an IT roadmap to provide a comprehensive end-to-end service to the client. Our consultants have strong technical and business knowledge, and can work with you through IT reviews audits. Our IT consultants will co-ordinate people, time and resources to make sure projects meet requirements and are completed on time and within budget, managing and advising on a project from start to finish.


IT Architect

Our IT Architect designs and develops data communication networks, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and intranets. Networks can vary from a small connection between two offices to a global communications system. Our architects incorporate network and information security, help you through voice and data options for your network, and help you with efficient cloud solutions. IT architects identify the main objectives of each business and, using their extensive knowledge of the latest hardware and software, design a network to suit the client’s requirements.


IT Engineer

Our IT Engineers are skilled technology professionals with experience in planning, implementing, administering and maintaining computer networks and communication systems. Our engineers are also responsible for security, data storage and disaster recovery strategies and provides technical support both onsite and remotely for businesses of all sizes. Our engineers utilise the latest software and hardware suited for your environment, and help to monitor system performance as well as implementing performance tuning.


IT Support & Administration

Our IT Support Technicians provide the most comprehensive range of services to our client base. Our technicians provide professional support to clients on a day to day basis, responding to all user requests related to hardware, software and anything in between. We ensure our technicians maintain an extensive technological knowledge of all products, softwares and services offered, and attend regular training for these services. Our support technicians are the virtual help-desk and professional troubleshooters of the company.


Web Designer and e-Commerce Specialist

Our Web Designers have years of experience creating beautiful websites, redesigning websites in need of an upgrade and maintaining exisiting websites, as well as making it easy for you to maintain your own website in the long run. In liaison with the client, web designers carefully assesses the client’s needs and selects a colour scheme, layout, theme and design to suit their requirements, resulting in a functional, easy-to-navigate and stunning website. Web designers are also skilled in content writing for your site.

Our e-Commerce Specialists have specialist knowledge in business commerce and how clients can monetise their online presence. We will help you to improve your e-commerce practices for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce relationships, making your business prominent and easily accessible to current clients and potential new customers. Our e-commerce specialists can bring your business closer to your customers by providing comprehensive website management, search engine optimisation and an improved presence on social media. They will also monitor the day to day activity of your website and continue to improve your website for a better user experience and improved sales. Our e-commerce specialists work closely with our web designers to provide a comprehensive online presence for your business.