Giving Back at Technology Tree

In world that is sometimes scary and unforgiving, we are committed to planting the seeds of positive change through our work.

Why Buy It New

At Technology Tree, we are deeply concerned with the state of our Earth, and understand with the ever-changing nature of technology, too many IT items are ending up in landfill. Old iPhone’s, unused monitors and legacy hardware that no longer serve a purpose are being thrown out rapidly to make room for newer, shinier models, and IT equipment usually contains materials that are not biodegradable. Our aim is to reduce waste, and reuse where possible. So, with this in mind, director Derek begun his online site whybuyitnew, so buying second hand IT is not only affordable, it’s better for the environment! Gamers, schools, at-home offices and regular offices alike, could probably find some useful items that work just as well as new, at a lower price, in our online store. Take a look at the link below!


ONSITE Workplace Learning Program


The transition from school to the workplace can be a daunting journey for many kids, particularly if jumping from an after-school friendly job such as hospitality or retail, to something where professionalism is paramount and button up shirts are an everyday staple. We work with ONSITE, an innovative program offering Work Place Learning to senior secondary students, to make that transition easier.

In partnership with host workplaces, such as our Tech Tree office, ONSITE students are able to follow a vocational course at school while gaining valuable, accredited employment skills. They do this by completing a work placement one day each week with an employer within their chosen field during Years 11 and 12.

These workplace opportunities are invaluable is assisting students to find the way to their future career pathways. The workplace support is especially significant in developing skills, confidence and the ability to work with others in a team.

We are proud to provide a safe, inclusive and exciting workplace to host students interested in the world of IT, and maintain a great relationship with the ONSITE team.